Composition and application of LED garden light

LED garden lights are mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Lamp body: The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy material, and the surface is sprayed or anodized, which can resist harsh weather and corrosion in outdoor environment, and improve the stability and life of the lamp.

 2. Lampshade: The lampshade is made of transparent or translucent materials, and different materials have different scattering effects for LED light, which can achieve different lighting effects.

3. Light source: Light source selection LED light emitting diode, its long life, high luminous intensity, small heat, rich color change. The commonly used LED light sources.


on the market now are SMD2835, SMD3030, SMD5050, etc., of which SMD5050 has higher brightness and reliability.

 4. Radiator: radiator is commonly made of aluminum alloy or copper tube material, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp and improve the stability and life of the LED lamp.

 5.Drive: The drive circuit of LED garden lights usually uses DC power supply and constant current drive technology, which has stable circuit, low noise and less energy loss.

LED garden light application

LED garden lights are widely used in outdoor courtyards, gardens, parks and other places, with the following main applications:

 1. Lighting: LED garden lamps have the characteristics of high brightness and high energy efficiency, which can provide sufficient lighting effect for providing the basic lighting needs of outdoor places.

 2. Decoration: The appearance of LED garden lights is diverse, which can be flexibly designed and installed to beautify the environment of the courtyard or garden and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

 3. Safety: LED garden lights can be installed on the road edge or wall of the courtyard or garden, providing enough lighting to help pedestrians walk easily and safely at night.

 4. Flower lighting: LED garden lights can highlight the beauty of flowers and plants and increase the ornamental effect through directional lighting or dimming function.

 5. Landscape lighting: LED garden lights can be used to illuminate trees, pools, sculptures and other landscape elements in the courtyard, making it more noticeable at night and improving the overall aesthetic effect.

 6. Energy saving and environmental protection: LED garden lights use LED light source, with low energy consumption and long life, while not containing toxic substances, very friendly to the environment.

5. Quick start, adjustable brightness:

Compared with traditional bulbs, LED garden lights start faster and can be lit almost instantaneously. In addition, LED lights can also adjust the brightness by adjusting the current to meet different lighting needs.

6. Good impact resistance:

LED luminaire adopts completely closed structure design, good seismic performance, suitable for outdoor environment. 5. Easy installation: LED garden lights are small in size, light in weight, easy to install, do not need complex installation tools, ordinary tools can be easily installed.

7.Easy installation:

LED garden lights are small in size, light in weight, easy to install, do not need complex installation tools, ordinary tools can be easily installed.

All in all, LED garden lamps have the advantages of high energy saving, long life, environmental protection, rich color, adjustable brightness, good shock resistance, etc., which is more suitable for garden lighting, saving energy for users and reducing maintenance costs.

Post time: Sep-18-2023