Leaders in the lighting industry predict the industry situation for 2024

Is 2024 still difficult? What changes will occur in the lighting industry in 2024? What kind of development trend will it present? Is it to clear the clouds and see the sun, or is the future still uncertain? How should we do it in 2024? How should we respond to challenges? At the beginning of the new year, China Light Network and the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association sincerely invite lighting professionals who have been working in the industry for many years to look forward to 2024 together.They combine various signs of industry development before, and based on their understanding of the overall development status of the environment and analysis of the logical laws of economic development, make some basic judgments and suggestions for everyone's reference.

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The General Manager of LONGT said: The word "confidence" is still used. We believe that the development of the industry will continue to improve, and we must always be full of confidence.How can one trust others without self-confidence?If we ourselves do not believe in the lighting industry and the future of the industry we are in, we cannot make others trust us.The current changes and market reshuffle are temporary, and enterprises should adjust their strategic direction in a timely manner to respond and make steady progress, actively seek to expand resources and channels, and take the initiative to attack.Deeply study the national policies, timely reserve relevant businesses around the national strategy and the the Belt and Road strategy, and properly layout new business trends.

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The development of future enterprises will be more hierarchical, with leading enterprises occupying more technological and talent resources. The lighting industry also urgently needs to take the lead, like Huawei, truly leading the industry's development, having more voice, and providing higher platforms and new opportunities for the industry.

Jinhui Lighting as one of lighting industry manufacturer also meet some problems, but we need to have confidence to find solution just like the general manager of LONGT said.

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Post time: Apr-07-2024