Lei Shi Lighting, Mu Linsen, Oupu… March’S Dynamic Frequency Is Frequent, Is It Really So Popular?

Recently, the 2023 Annual Meeting of the China Development Forum proposed that the Chinese economy will show a good trend this year. Against the backdrop of a positive national macro situation, the lighting and decoration industry, which has been developing for three years, has officially opened up the main artery of high-quality development and ignited the enthusiasm for consumption across the industry.

As an important marketing node in the lighting and lighting industry, March has seen frequent updates such as exhibitions and press conferences in various regions, providing strong support for the industry's recovery. In this issue, follow the author's footsteps and enter the tumultuous and lively March to see what major lighting brands are busy with.

Scattered Channel Layout Battle

01 Lei Shi Lighting

From late February to March, Lei Shi Lighting organized the 2023 Lei Shi Lighting Spring Group Purchase Conference with the theme of "New Scenery · New Bureau". At the beginning of March, the entire army of 15 provinces/autonomous regions/municipalities including Henan, Shaanxi, Qiong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou, Jilin, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Hei, Liao, Shanghai, Jin, and Zhejiang launched an attack, with frequent reports of success. The Inner Mongolia operation achieved 144% of the Spring Regiment mission; Hubei's operations have achieved 119% of the spring team's mission... Spring teams in many regions are soaring, together creating the brilliance of Thunder Lighting.

Looking at the spring dynamics of Lexi Lighting in previous years, it can be seen that at the beginning of spring, Lexi Lighting invests most of its energy in channel marketing, providing sufficient supplies for terminal outlets, beating the drums of war, and making every effort to sound the horn of attacking the market.

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (1)

02 Mu Linsen

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (2)
March's dynamic frequency is frequent (3)

As of March 24th, Mulinsen General Lighting has held multiple provincial-level spring new product promotion conferences in Southwest, North China, East China, and Central China under the theme of "Xiangyang Xinsen · Moving Forward with Light". At the same time, the Mulin Sen Professional Lighting's Mulin Sen Light Source family brand conferences with the theme of "innovation and development · brand upgrading" were held in Shandong, Chongqing, and Yunnan respectively. At the conferences, precise operation and "brand building" strategy were proposed, adhering to the "long-term" layout.

If the observation cycle is extended, it is not difficult to find that Mulinsen's channel strategy has a long history. Over the years, the strategic layout has forged a solid terminal network system and channel strategy for Mu Linsen.

03 Oupu Lighting

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (4)

In March, Oupu Lighting held dealer conferences with the theme of "Shining New Beauty and Brilliance" in Northeast China, Beijing Tianjin, Northwest China, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, and other regions. On the other hand, Oupu Lighting Guangzhou Experience Center and Hainan's first Oupu Whole House Intelligent Experience Hall both opened grandly in March.

Through a series of measures, Oupu Lighting has connected dealers nationwide and expanded its territory in the field of all house intelligence. Oupu Lighting has ushered in a stronger development momentum, becoming a bright spot in the channel layout of lighting enterprises.

04 Philips

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (5)

On March 10th, Philips Home Lighting gathered dealers in Guangdong and Hainan to hold a themed conference on "Working Together with Xin and Advancing Forward", balancing the distribution of terminal channels in Guangdong and Hainan, and connecting brands with local dealers. In addition, on March 15th, Consumer Rights Day, the "Philips 315 Quality Purchase" activity will be launched, covering all terminal outlets through the "O2O" model.

Combining online and offline efforts, the layout of terminal channels and the establishment of brand image play a crucial role in Philips' 2023 strategic layout, creating a broader space for its future development.

05 Sanxiong Aurora

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (6)

On March 8th, at the 2023 Home Furnishing Spring New Product Launch and Order Conference, Sanxiong Aurora proposed to break through the coverage rate of terminal channels and further deepen the annual goal of integrated channels in 2023. During March, Sanxiong Aurora held special new product launch events in northern Jiangsu, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, Dongguan Heyuan, Guangdong, Jinan, Shandong, and other places. In addition, new products such as the Sanxiong Aurora and the Blue Lantern series appeared at Guangzhou Design Week, attracting widespread attention from consumers.

Whether launching a new product launch or appearing at an exhibition, it is an important measure for Sanxiong Aurora to actively build a cooperation bridge with dealers across the country. Sanxiong Aurora continues to increase the number of terminal outlets, continuously improve its intelligent product line, inject new momentum into brand development, and depict the grand blueprint for high-quality development of Sanxiong Aurora in 2023.

Detailed analysis of the strategic layout of major lighting enterprises in March, and numerous channel press conferences. In addition to the major brands mentioned above, channel press conferences for brands such as Meizhi Optoelectronics, Xitie, Shidun, Hongyan, Futian, Qingyi, Xidun, Baohui, Sunshine, Liangjian, Guipai, Chint Home, and Shensi have been continuous, with numerous highlights. All of these have boosted the confidence in the rapid recovery of the lighting industry and raised a bright banner of improvement in the end market.

Multiple opening ceremonies with unprecedented grandeur

Not only are the actions of major advertising channels frequent, but many brands are also striving to create terminal image stores and intelligent experience centers. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 40 brand terminal image stores and experience centers were established in March (see table below).

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (7)

Industry giants such as Bull Group, optical brands such as Hengkun Optoelectronics, cross-border giants such as Huawei, Haier Three Winged Bird, Konka, and image stores of major brands have all launched to accelerate the cultivation of brand image, enhance awareness and influence, and help brands move towards high-quality development.

March's dynamic frequency is frequent (8)

In 2021, Huawei entered the field of full house intelligence, setting a goal of completing the landing of 500 offline stores by 2022, triggering an unprecedented intelligence storm. Among the nearly 40 opened stores in this organization, Huawei's total number of authorized experience stores in the whole house has reached 11, with products covering lighting systems, intelligent central control screens, smart hosts, etc. Its ambitious cross-border entry into the field of whole house intelligence is evident.

It is not difficult to sort out such information from the table: the strong recovery of the lighting industry has entered a fast track! During March, on average, brand image stores or experience centers were opened every day. 67.6% of brand image stores were located in the eastern region, and 32.4% of brand image stores were located in the central and western regions, showing the characteristics of strong concentration ratio in the eastern region and decentralization in the central and western regions.


Throughout March, the popularity of the lighting industry is evident. Among them, the 2022 Guangzhou Design Week, which came late due to the epidemic, officially kicked off; The 28th China Ancient Town International Lighting Expo was grandly held in the ancient town of Dengdu; The Shanghai International Commercial and Engineering Lighting Exhibition officially opened at the Shanghai International Expo Center, along with the Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo. Several grand banquets have attracted the attention of the lighting industry.

In addition, the Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting Exhibition, the 13th Chengdu Higher Education Equipment Exhibition, the 21st Guangdong Education Equipment Exhibition, the 2023 Fuzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Technology Exhibition, and the 59th Xi'an (Spring) Advertising Signage/Office Printing/LED Optoelectronic Lighting Industry Expo also came to a perfect conclusion in March.

As a catalog and map of the lighting industry, the ancient town of Lantern Capital in March is also bustling. Lihe Light Expo Center has sent invitations to global buyers with the theme of "Exclusive New Products Do Not collide, Come Lihe; Huayi Plaza held the "3.18" International Lighting Design Week and Global Lighting Procurement Festival; Starlight Alliance collaborates with over 600 brands on the venue to jointly organize the (Spring) Featured Light Expo Super Large Event; Times Square launched a large-scale promotional event called "Times Square 2023 Starts Well", which caught the attention of dealers from afar.

The end of the March craze has pointed the way forward for the majority of lighting professionals. In the upcoming April, there will be more lighting industry exhibitions waiting for lighting professionals to stir the wind and clouds.

Post time: May-09-2023